Tuesday, November 20, 2007

General thoughts on Confirmation.

Ten years ago, I (the Website Editor) was confirmed in the Novus Ordo. At the time, I remember attending the "confirmation" classes at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Norwich, Connecticut and I don't remember much about it. Why? Because they weren't really teaching true Catholic doctrine. The day of my "confirmation" wasn't very special either, I have even seen friends of mine being "confirmed" and most of the time, not understanding completely why they are being "confirmed".

The purpose of us being confirmed in our faith is very significant because it is a sacrament of the Church that is the most important event in our lives since our baptisms (those of us who were fortunate enough to be baptized in the Catholic Church), our first confessions and our first Holy communions. This sacrament strengthens us in our faith, and prepares us for our real discernments in life, whether to be a priest or to be married, or neither one (depending on what becomes of you). The sacrament is like a medicine that strengthens us and the preparation for it educates us of what it really means to be Catholic.

The Novus Ordo sacrament doesn't really do anything for the average young person. The classes themselves are so out of touch with the true teachings of the Church that the students don't learn what it truly means to be Catholic, I know I didn't, and in many cases the teachers themselves don't know anything about the Catechism of the Catholic Church (even the revised one). Even if the ones being "confirmed" do recieve the sacrament, they walk away as if nothing happened, they just go back to their careless sinful lives with no thought of what it means to their soul (although not true in all cases, this is what mostly happens). As for the "bishops" who carry out the "confirmations" they invalidly carry out the matter and form, due to the substantial changes in the sacrament brought about by Vatican II. Here's a good example, when the one being "confirmed" comes before the "bishop" he gives his "confirmation name (Jude for example)" and the "bishop" annoints the forehead with the invalid oil saying: "Jude, be sealed with the Holy Spirit" and then the boy walks away. It's sort of like saying: "Here you go son, now get out of here, you're bothering me."

The Traditional Sacrament is far more meaningful for it is valid in matter and form and the classes themselves (where available) teach true Catholic doctrine. If you still believe that the confirmations of the Novus Ordo are valid then you are out of touch with what the Church has and everywhere taught and therefore adhere to the Vatican II errors in the changes to the sacraments. If you happen to be a victim of the doubfully valid Novus Ordo sacrament, feel free to call Fr. Gerard or Fr. Dominic Radecki, they can help you.

The Website Editor of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel.

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