Monday, June 16, 2008

Announcements for the week: Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

Please pray for Fr. Julian Gilchrist. His attempts to obtain permanent residency in the United States failed and earlier in the month of April he had no choice but to return to New Zealand. Anyone who wishes to send condolences to him, you may contact him using these following addresses:
104 Anzac Road,
Whangarei, New Zealand
or by e-mail:
Pray for vocations to the priesthood. Let us pray also for the people of New Zealand so that the presence of Fr. Gilchrist will bring more converts to the True Faith.

Please pray for the success of the pilgrimage of Fr. Benedict Hughes as he and his pilgrims will travel through France and Spain from June 10 to June 24 to visit various shrines and churches of Our Lady and various saints. May God protect him and those going with him duing this pilgrimage.

On the Mondays when Fr. Gerard is present, he generally celebrates Mass at 8:00A.M. All are welcome to attend

A seminarian of Mater Dei Seminary, Fratre Bernard Welp, CMRI and Rev. Mr. Alexander Kryssov will be ordained to the priesthood on October 7, 2008 at Mount St. Michael's in Spokane, Washington. Please keep them in your prayers. The time of the ceremony has not been determined yet however we will keep you posted as things develop.

October 8-12 2008, Mount St. Michael's in Spokane, Washington will be hosting this year's annual Fatima Conference. The title of this years conference is called: "Am I Not Here, Your Loving Mother?" Anyone interested to attend can register online at Mount St. Michael's online registry. Anyone interested in sponsoring someone who does not have the means but wishes to go, please use the same link on the CMRI website. More information will be posted as things transpire in the coming months.

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