Sunday, November 2, 2008

Commentary on Indulgences

Oh, how many indulgences we can easily gain, throughout the year, either for the remission of all temporal punishment due to our sins (plenary indulgence) or for the remission of part of the temporal punishment due to our sins, simply by praying daily a few lovely prayers, but to gain most plenary indulgences, we must fulfill the 'usual conditions' as prescribed by the Church:

1) Recitation of the indulgenced prayer, (a single recitation of the indulgenced prayer is sufficient, unless otherwise stated, such as 'for a month' which means 'for 30 consecutive days'). Simple mental prayer recitation is insufficient; the lips must be moved, (vocal prayer), though the voice need not be employed.

2) Confession- from 8 days before the day of the prayer to 7 days after.

3) Communion- from the eve before the day of the prayer to 7 days after.

4) visit to a church or oratory anytime from noon, the previous day, through midnight of the day of the prayer.

5) Prayer for the intention of the Church. (one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be, is usually sufficient).

It is understandable that we try to gain indulgences for ourselves and for our departed loved ones, but we are able to do more. We can also gain many indulgences for other souls in Purgatory, whom we do not know, but the secret here is to offer all of our indulgences to Our Lady and let Her make the most perfect decisions.

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