Friday, December 21, 2007

General Thoughts on Christmas

Christmas time is a very joyful time for families who celebrate it. Even those who do not celebrate it for the reason intended. There are many good people out there who prefer to hear us say "Merry Christmas" as opposed to "Happy Holidays". But unfortunately, there are people who practically shove "Happy Holidays" down the throats of everybody just to appease the screaming minority who hate Christmas as much as they hate Christ himself.

The whole business that relates to the repression of publically displaying nativity scenes, the story of Christmas in public school plays, "Merry Christmas" being replaced with "Happy Holidays" all stems back to athiest, anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim groops such as the ACLU (American Civil/Communist Liberties Union). For years, the ACLU has intimidated people into submitting to "Happy Holidays", not celebrating Christmas as it has traditionally been celebrated across this country for decades and many other things with the intent to wipe away Christmas and Christ himself from the view of the public.

The good news is, I personally find, that most people prefer to hear "Merry Christmas". At my job for the last three weeks, I have been saying "Merry Christmas" to almost all of my customers and all but one of them have not taken offense to it. The one who did just basically said: "I don't celebrate Christmas" and walked away calmly instead of threatening to report me to the ACLU and put me away. For the most part, many people have told me that they are glad that I say "Merry Christmas" because it IS the Holiday that this false commercialism is based on and what's more, besides the buying of gifts, these people, who thank me for defending our right to exist in the world, celebrate Christmas, for the most part, for the reason it was intended.

Personally, I am amazed that most of my customers at Wal-Mart, here in California of all places, have accepted my saying "Merry Christmas", not one of my co-workers have said to me to say "Happy Holidays" for fear that I would offend people. During my days in Connecticut, I took that nonsense a lot but when I ignored them and said Merry Christmas, the customers would thank me for ignoring these communist, anti-Christ bigots.

I encourage all of you, who are being repressed by the communist and anti-Catholic attack on Christmas, to ignore your superiors who are doing evil by commanding you to go along with this communist attack. Happily cry out "Merry Christmas" to all you serve. Do not let their threats frighten you, you have every right to wish people Merry, even if they are not christians, for there is nothing offensive about "Merry Christmas". It is offensive to people like those involved with the ACLU because it goes against their policy of "Freedom from religion". Groups like that don't have a right to shove their agenda down our throats because what we intend in the words "Merry Christmas" is not to force people to believe in Christ, but to wish people good health and a blessed day in one of the most important Holy Days in the liturgical calendar. Christ is coming to redeem us, and we pray that those people who do not believe in Him, have a sudden change of heart from the words that we happily say to them. Merry Christmas.

The Website Editor of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel.

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